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Men's Ministry

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Iron Men


The Iron Men’s Ministry of Lake View Church is designed to give men a Biblical view of masculinity.  We believe that Jesus is our role model and our mission is to create a community of spiritual fathers and sons and a band of brothers.  As we grow in the gospel of grace, we will become men who exercise God’s call to love and lead our families, our church and our community.  It is our desire to be men (young and old) who follow after Christ.


As we continue to strive to see our men’s ministry become a priority, we recognize that a necessary component to create such a culture includes fellowship and relationships.  Men need to be able to identify with one another in the faith and hang out and enjoy time with other men.  When we gather, we may enjoy a ball game, go on an outing, enjoy breakfast together, tackle a ministry work project, or stop to dig into God’s Word!  Our hope is that in the midst of having a good time, we will be able maintain a godly perspective and have the opportunity to support and encourage each other, and find solutions for life and living in God’s Word.


We believe Jesus was a man’s man - He lived an incredible life as the spotless Lamb of God.  His life was lived out in courage, boldness, love and compassion.  He was a man of vision and passion.  He did not sit back and watch oppression and injustice; he was a man of action.  He was also a man who stopped to listen to the voice of God.


We believe that we are made for greatness.  And the greatest thing we can do is follow after the greatest man who has ever lived.  To be a man is to be like Christ.  Jesus is the powerful Christ who was able to conquer sin and death.  He is the ultimate man and we desire for God to make us like him.


Our Iron Men’s Ministry enjoys: a bi-weekly Bible Study (meeting every other Tuesday at 7:00 AM) a monthly breakfast on the 2nd Saturday of every month, monthly motorcycle rides (May through October), annually participating with Williams County Habitat For Humanity’s house build, periodic special events (Biker Sunday in August) and more.  We will minister with a purpose that enables us to play, praise and pray together as men, and with a distinct goal to Mentor, Encourage and Nurture one another!

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