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Who We Are

Welcome to Lake View Church!


Lake View Church is a body of believers who are committed to Jesus Christ and to the study of God’s Word and the application of it into our daily life and living.  It is our desire that each of us, children, youth, young adults and adults engage in prayer, pursue Christ in everything, and faithfully live out our faith as bearers of the Good News of the gospel!


Here are some of the things that define us:

We Are Committed To A Hunger For Truth - The anointed teaching of God’s Word is vital for personal transformation.  With the Bible as our text, we will seek to be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.


We Are Committed To Passionate Worship - This is why we were created: the Holiness of God compels us to worship Him passionately in Spirit and Truth, both corporately and personally, focusing on Christ and the message of the cross.


We Are Committed To Evangelism - All people matter to God and therefore, matter to each believer.  God has called the individual and the church to initiate and cultivate life-changing relationships in our homes and community by proclaiming the Good News.


We Are Committed To Missions - A hunger for and commitment to reaching the lost compels us to equip ourselves and others to communicate the Good News to the lost around the world.  We will actively participate with, create, seek out and support missionaries who are committed to evangelizing the world.


We Are Committed To Prayer - Devotion to both corporate and personal prayer is foundational and essential for a dynamic and growing relationship with God.


We Are Committed To Godly Leadership - God has provided great resources among His people that need to be enlisted, developed and placed into leadership.  The church will flourish when people equipped by the Word of God and led by the Spirit of God are serving in the right places for the right reasons.


We Are Committed To Discipleship - Life change happens best when we are made accountable to God and fellow believers to learn, apply and model the Scriptures.  In doing so, the individual and body will grow from spiritual infancy to maturity.


We Are Committed To Christian Education - The intentional knowledge of Christ is what a person gets through learning. We believe this takes place by way of discipleship, Small Groups, Sunday School and Worship Services in order that they may understand and apply the timeless truths of God’s Word to their lives.


We Are Committed To Serving - Fully devoted hearts will selflessly seek to serve and meet all needs of the body in its present and future ministry as they invest their time, talents and treasure.


We Are Committed To Fellowship - Intentional loving relationships to encourage and create a sense of belonging are to permeate all of church life and be evident in the life of each believer.


We Are Committed To Spiritual Unity - Recognizing that we are all individuals gifted by God in different areas, our love for God compels us to lay aside personal interests aside and draw together to work for the good of God’s Kingdom.


At Lake View Church our overall goal is to please God and make disciples!

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